Why Choose Us?

The vintage watch market is full of great options & vendors, however we firmly believe that we have become the new standard in how vintage watches should be sold. Read below to find out what we do to stand out from the rest.

Quality Watches

At Mecalco & Co. we believe that quality matters regardless of the price. That is why we strive to offer only the very best watches at all price ranges, so whether you're spending $50 or $1000 you can rest assured that you're only getting the absolute best.

Rigorous Testing Before Selling & Warranty

We conduct a series of controlled and in-field tests to insure that every single one of our watches runs properly so you can do more enjoying and less worrying. Click the button below to learn what we do to insure that the watches operate at the best of their capabilities.

On-top of that, all of the watches we offer come with a limited warranty.

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High Quality Photos

Tired of grainy low quality images that don't capture all the details of the watch you're interested in? Well we are too, that is why we only use professional macro photography equipment to perfectly capture the true essence of the watch, inside & out.

Free Speedy Shipping & 7-Day Returns

We offer free speedy shipping on all watches within the continental USA so you can do more enjoying and less waiting.

Have a preferred shipping service? Shoot us a message and we'll happily arrange an alternate shipping courier!

Along side that we are also proud to offer 7-day returns on our watches (minus shipping costs)!